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Researchers to Undertake Population-Based Genomic Studies in Northern Ireland

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Dr. Aaron Peace, Dr. Tony Bjourson & Dr. Sean Ennis

Transformational Research Aims to Unlock Keys to Lifelong Disorders including MS and IBD

Irish life sciences company, Genomics Medicine Ireland, is to collaborate with the Clinical Translational Research and Innovation Centre (C-TRIC), Western Health and Social Care Trust (Western Trust) and Ulster University to undertake comprehensive, population scale genomic research studies in Northern Ireland. Read More

The VC arm of Google’s parent company is betting its billions on life-enhancing healthcare startups

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GMI features in a BusinessInsider interview with GV Partner and GMI Board Member, Tom Hulme.

“Another life science company in the GV stable is Dublin-based Genomics Medicine Ireland, which has raised $40 million from GV and others to carry out genomic research across Ireland while examining the broader relationship between genetics, health, and disease.”

GV partner Tom Hulme

Irish company partners in plan to map the genomes of 45,000 Irish people

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GMI’s research was recently featured in the Irish Times. The article highlighted the privacy protection measures GMI has put in place for study participants.

“The desire among those with a chronic complex disease and their families to find a cure is incredibly strong. This is the biggest impetus for people to participate in a research study — that by doing so they can help in some small way to help find better diagnosis, treatment and even cures”.
-Dan Crowley, CEO


The Artful Dodger

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An interview with Research Scientist, Sam Carthy, by Eimear Doyle.

Talking to an aspiring writer proves to be a bit tricky. He’s careful not to use metaphors lest I misuse them! Where did he get that idea???

What’s your background, Sam?

I started with GMI straight out of college after an interview with Judith Conroy in Research and Regina Regan in Labs.

I did my undergrad in genetics in UCD and I had done a number of summer research internships in labs, so I thought the idea of the clinical study in the disease areas was really interesting. And it was happening in Ireland, the first of its kind, it seemed like an amazing opportunity. Read More

Maurice Treacy to Speak on Precision Planet Panel

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GMI Co-Founder, Maurice Treacy, will be speaking this Thursday on the Precision Planet Panel at 11.30am PDT for the Precision Medicine Leadership Summit in San Diego, California. The geographically and experientially diverse group of leaders will explore the various challenges that governments, industry, and the nonprofit sector face when implementing the evolving technologies of precision medicine.

The Tearaway

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An Interview with Clinical Partnerships Leader, David Kavanagh, by Eimear Doyle.

Having it every-which-way: Part-time farmer/ Full- time scientist, David talks with me about start-ups, air-miles, science, transience, and goats, of course!

David, what made you want to work in science?

My parents would say I was always asking questions…Why? Why? Why? I was a “tearaway” in school…really! But I was always good at biology, had a great teacher, so I gravitated towards it.

First year General Science was tough though as I hadn’t had the opportunity to study physics and chemistry for the Leaving Cert–I did a Biochemistry undergrad in UCC, then a PhD in biochemistry -cardiovascular research. It was cell level work, lab work in UCD, so I moved up to the big smoke. Read More

The YouTube Hunter Gatherer

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david-cotter-for-profileAn Interview with Senior Software Developer, David Cotter, by Eimear Doyle.

As usual, I am out of my comfort zone. Software Development is the unenviable terrain I am about to traverse this time. Think patterns? Think Big Data? Apparently not!

According to our Head of Software Development, David Cotter, it’s think deep…think magic!!

Tell me about your background before GMI?

I’ve worked in three main areas of software development. My first job was in email servers, and then telecoms, then payment card security. So life sciences was a very big change! Read More


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raonyAn interview with Senior Bioinformatician, Raony Guimaraes, by Eimear Doyle.

It was not without trepidation that I approached this interview with Raony. A what? A Bioinformatician? Never heard of it! Would I even know what to ask him? Give me accountants, business development geeks, salespeople, financiers any day, and I can talk the talk…

So here goes…an insight into the world of “Science and Genomics”

Raony, tell us what you do on a typical working day?

My typical day usually is a mixture of reading, writing, coding, meetings, replying to e-mails, doing interviews and preparing presentations.

It always starts with coffee, because there is nothing better than coffee to start a good day!

Read More