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The Battle to Beat Rare Diseases

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pat-kenny-newstalkGMI joins the battle to beat rare disorders in conjunction with Temple Street Hospital with our new study which kicked off yesterday. This issue was highlighted on The Pat Kenny Show yesterday morning featuring Professor Mary King and Angelina Ryan who is the mother of baby Ava whose life was cut short by a rare epilepsy. Listen in to the highlights from the programme to learn more.

GMI Launch Genomic Research in Rare Disorders

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Temple Street Children's University HospitalStudy Will Employ Advanced Technology to Explore Genetic Factors In Rare Conditions

Dublin, 28th February, 2017: Irish life-sciences company, Genomics Medicine Ireland Ltd. (GMI) has partnered with Temple Street Children’s University Hospital and the UCD Academic Centre on Rare Diseases (ACoRD) to launch a groundbreaking research study which will examine children with rare undiagnosed genetic disorders attending Temple Street, and their parents in order to identify the key genetic components of rare disorders. The study will combine advanced scientific technology in genomics, the study of all of a person’s genes, together with detailed clinical information to identify the genetic cause of rare disorders affecting/amongst families in Ireland. Read More