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Cross-Border Research Study Aims to Unlock Answers to MS

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GMI Collaborates with Hospitals in Cork, Dublin and Derry

Dublin, Ireland, 8th December 2017 – Irish life sciences company Genomics Medicine Ireland Ltd. today announced a new cross-border research collaboration that aims to identify the genetic markers that can help diagnose, predict disease severity, and identify personalised treatments for patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

People with MS are being invited to participate in the research, which is the most comprehensive genomic study of MS to be undertaken on the island of Ireland. The hospitals and research centres involved in the launch of this study are: Cork University Hospital in conjunction with the Clinical Research Facility Cork; St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin; Tallaght Hospital, Dublin; and Altnagelvin Hospital in conjunction with the Western Health and Social Care Trust in Derry. Read More

GMI Launches Genomic Research in IBD

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Around 20,000 people in Ireland are diagnosed with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD)[1], chronic inflammatory gastrointestinal disorders primarily affecting adults in the prime of their life. There are two major forms of IBD, Crohn’s disease (CD) and Ulcerative Colitis (UC) which are life-long conditions for which there is currently no known cause or cure.

IBD patient, Sara Byrne, Dr. Sean Ennis, Prof. Glen Doherty and Research Nurse, Doireann Dickinson at the IBD Genomics Study launch at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Onset is typically in childhood or in young adults so IBD has potential to impact educational performance and work productivity, as well as quality of life. Crohn’s Disease is associated with increased mortality in the Irish population[2] and there is an increased risk of colon cancer to people with either Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative Colitis. Ireland has one of the highest rates of Colitis in the world.

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Researchers to Undertake Population-Based Genomic Studies in Northern Ireland

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Dr. Aaron Peace, Dr. Tony Bjourson & Dr. Sean Ennis

Transformational Research Aims to Unlock Keys to Lifelong Disorders including MS and IBD

Irish life sciences company, Genomics Medicine Ireland, is to collaborate with the Clinical Translational Research and Innovation Centre (C-TRIC), Western Health and Social Care Trust (Western Trust) and Ulster University to undertake comprehensive, population scale genomic research studies in Northern Ireland. Read More

The VC arm of Google’s parent company is betting its billions on life-enhancing healthcare startups

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GMI features in a BusinessInsider interview with GV Partner and GMI Board Member, Tom Hulme.

“Another life science company in the GV stable is Dublin-based Genomics Medicine Ireland, which has raised $40 million from GV and others to carry out genomic research across Ireland while examining the broader relationship between genetics, health, and disease.”

GV partner Tom Hulme

Irish company partners in plan to map the genomes of 45,000 Irish people

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GMI’s research was recently featured in the Irish Times. The article highlighted the privacy protection measures GMI has put in place for study participants.

“The desire among those with a chronic complex disease and their families to find a cure is incredibly strong. This is the biggest impetus for people to participate in a research study — that by doing so they can help in some small way to help find better diagnosis, treatment and even cures”.
-Dan Crowley, CEO


Maurice Treacy to Speak on Precision Planet Panel

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GMI Co-Founder, Maurice Treacy, will be speaking this Thursday on the Precision Planet Panel at 11.30am PDT for the Precision Medicine Leadership Summit in San Diego, California. The geographically and experientially diverse group of leaders will explore the various challenges that governments, industry, and the nonprofit sector face when implementing the evolving technologies of precision medicine.