A vital mission with a simple process

Participation for any volunteer involves a single appointment with a short questionnaire, a blood draw and a physical assessment.

We fully fund all resources required to successfully deliver the study at a local level, covering staff time, reflecting fair market value.

When required we provide trained staff to support delivery of this service.

Collaborating in genomics with GMI


Introduction, briefing and planning

We meet our collaborators for a full overview of our studies and what’s involved. Each new research study has a specifically designed protocol.


Our collaborators discuss GMI’s research with potential participants who might like to take part in the study. Study specific information is prepared for all our studies to educate and inform potential participants of the research.


Data collection

If they are interested, our collaborators arrange an appointment with each interested participant, where consent is taken, a short lifestyle questionnaire is filled out, a physical assessment is taken and blood is collected. The research team at the site will then gather specific clinical information relevant to the condition being studied.


Genomics research

Upon arrival at GMI’s laboratory, the blood sample is processed for DNA and entered into the database for comprehensive analysis. The analysis of
a large number of DNA samples is critical to provide sufficient statistical power for detecting genetic associations in disease.


Benefits for our collaborators

GMI also supports its contributing partners in a number of ways:


All investigators who contribute cases to GMI cohort research will be listed as co-authors on any resulting publications by the GMI research team and our partners

Data Access

Collaborators may request a copy of phenotypic and genomic data provided by their site, subject to participant consent. This data can be used for independent research (subject to consent and ethical approval)


Collaboration between investigators at different study sites is supported and encouraged by GMI.

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