Giving Back

Giving Back

The Irish are unparalleled in their altruism and willingness to engage in GMI’s research for the benefit of science and future generations. Without you, our research would not be possible – it’s therefore incumbent upon us to ensure we not only give back but that we also pay it forward.

The GMI Corporate Responsibility programme focuses on three primary areas:

Empowering research

We support a number of research efforts throughout Ireland to promote discovery and improve human health in the future.  Our support takes many different forms from providing funding, charitable contributions, philanthropic lab and sequencing services, research stewardship and / or on-site education and training.

Promoting genomics and science education

GMI has an active and growing outreach programme to increase and enhance the public’s knowledge and understanding of genomics and to promote STEM learning. We also offer guided tours of our GMI Genomics Centre and laboratory in Dublin to the students and the general public.

Supporting the community

GMI team members dedicate their time and talents both in and out of office hours to support and stay connected to our community. Sponsored staff volunteer days take place throughout the year. In 2019 alone, we have supported twelve non-profit organisations in Ireland.


The Rare Disease Research Programme at GMI provides access to whole genome sequencing to children, and their families, with undiagnosed disorders. The aim of the project is to identify the genetic cause of a child’s disorder. The programme is provided free of charge to patients and consultants.

A dedicated research team at GMI work with consultants to analyse a family’s genetic code alongside their health information to try and identify potential disease causing variants that are responsible for a child’s condition.

A diagnosis can mean access to new or more appropriate treatments, more specialised and coordinated care, and a better understanding of what the future may hold. For families who don’t receive a diagnosis, GMI is committed to reanalysing their data over time in the hope new research will arise which may help us to identify new genetic variants.

The SFI Centre for Research Training in Genomics Data Science:

The SFI Centre for Research Training in Genomics Data Science is a Science Foundation Ireland-funded centre that focuses on providing a unique and robust training programme for PhD students.
The education programme is designed such that it invites collaboration from over 70 genomics data science group leaders across five institutions in Ireland.
Located at NUI Galway and under the direction of Professor Cathal Seoighe, the programme will produce a cohort of highly trained scientists who will be able to effectively engage and find solutions to the data science challenges we face in realizing the potential impact genomics will have on the future of health and society.

As one of the supporting partners, GMI will host a number of PhD students, who will be working on projects related to genomics of common and rare diseases.
In supporting this programme, GMI is contributing to the training of a generation of highly qualified PhD graduates to effectively demonstrate the collective potential of genomics and data science.

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GMI In the Community

GMI supports and encourages actions taken for the community, funding and charity campaigns.

GMI participated in the Staff Relay Series to raise funds for Saving Dylan.

We also promoted a Bake Sale in the office which funds went to the campaign.


Kiss Goodbye to MS

Through the global Kiss GoodBye to MS campaign, GMI helped raise funds to Multiple Sclerosis research.


We took park in the Cooking4Families programme in the Ronald McDonald house. This programme involved shopping, preparing and cooking for families staying in RMH whose children are ill in Crumlin hospital. On the day we provided 2 main courses (Lasagna and Fajitas) and dessert (apple crumble)for up to 30 people.