How this team is aiming to make precision medicine a reality

Genomics Medicine Ireland is an Irish life sciences company leading large-scale, population-based medical studies. visited its office in Dublin, where some of its staff members let us know what kind of roles the company is currently hiring for and what new joiners can expect once they begin working at the company.

Abby Langtry, director of patient advocacy and community engagement at Genomics Medicine Ireland, spoke about the ambitions of the company to build a high-quality genomic database, which aims to improve lives through research and make precision medicine a reality.

To achieve these goals, the company is seeking talented new people. As its website says, Genomics Medicine Ireland is looking for “bright, energetic, innovative thinkers from a variety of backgrounds”.

A recruiter at the company, Laura Braiden, elaborated on that. She said that the company is currently hiring for a variety of roles across technology and lab operations, such as DevOps engineers, full-stack web developers, research analysts and bioinformaticians.

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