Join the GenoFit Research Study at University College Dublin, Institute for Sport & Health.

Be a part of the GenoFit Research Study examining the role of genetics, lifestyle factors and fitness in health. There is no cost for participation. Participants receive research health results.

General Participants - GenoFit Research Study

What’s Your Fit Factor? Find out by joining the GenoFit Study which is looking at the underlying factors of fitness and health. The study is open to anyone 18 and older. Participation is free and volunteers will receive confirmation of blood sugar and blood pressure levels; a Body Mass Index (BMI) report and results of a free DEXA Scan which measures bone and body fat percentage.


General Participants

We are conducting a study for general participants examining the genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors of fitness and health which is held at the GenoFit Research Clinic on the University College Dublin campus and is open to anyone 18 or older.

If you would like to learn more about this study or book an appointment online to participate, visit

GenoFit Research Clinic
University College Dublin, Institute for Sport & Health, First Floor
Dublin 4

Tel: 087 113 2875

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