Leadership Team Member

Jillian Casey, Director, Process and Quality

Jillian Casey

Director, Process and Quality

As one of the first team members at GMI, Jillian is the The PQC team is responsible for a number of core functions at GMI including the design and optimisation of business processes, quality management, data protection, data integrity, compliance and business intelligence. This cross-functional team supports daily Operations, with a focus on continual improvement of the end-to-end pipeline.

Jillian has extensive experience in genomics, ranging from wet-lab experience, to big data analysis to genomics education. Through her studies at the National Children's Research Centre and Temple Street Children's University Hospital, she has worked closely with clinicians in Ireland and internationally to lead the discovery of new disease genes in children with undiagnosed disorders.

Jillian has given over 60 conference presentations and been invited to speak at national and international events. She has published in peer-reviewed journals with over 3,000 citations to date. She has been awarded several Research Prizes.

Jillian is actively involved in translational research and genetics education. She co-led the development of new diagnostic genetic tests to facilitate early diagnosis and intervention for Irish patients. She managed and contributed to the development of educational animation videos and eLearning tools for patient families and healthcare professionals.

Jillian holds a PhD in Medical Genetics from University College Dublin and is a former Lecturer.