Leadership Team Member

Judith Conroy, Director, Research

Judith Conroy

Director, Research

Having joined GMI when it was first established, Judith is an key member of the team supporting our growth. She is the head of GMI’s Research and Analysis team comprised of an integral group of world-class scientists who design and play a leading role in research studies and genetic and multi-omic data analysis.

Judith’s work within Temple Street University Hospital brings a unique perspective in engaging medical professionals in genomics education. She has trained/is training three MD neurologists in genomic data interpretation in the role of rare diseases and has seen how improved genomic education can have a wide impact beyond a single clinician.

She has over 16 years’ experience in genomic data analysis and a wide range of expertise mainly centring around neurodevelopmental disorders including autism, epilepsy, and rare childhood movement disorders. Judith has also worked on a number of autoimmune projects and bowel cancer. Her projects have allowed her to appreciate the importance of deep phenotype information in uncovering the biological basis of disease.

Judith holds a PhD in neuropsychiatric genetics from Trinity College Dublin. Previously, she was a Research Associate in Temple Street University Hospital working with Professor Mary King, a consultant neurologist. Her study involved the identification of disease-causing variants in a cohort of children with unsolved rare early onset epileptic encephalopathies.