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The Table Turner

By June 27, 2017 No Comments

An interview with Eimear Doyle, Recruitment Manager.

The tables were turned a few times by my interviewees. So here are some of the questions interviewees asked me.

Judith Conroy asks: What is your aim for GMI?

Growth in a healthy way. I see my role as getting everyone’s ideas on board about culture and making sure we adapt accordingly. The culture here means people are innovative, challenging, respectful and put their opinions out there. There’s an emphasis on creativity and no right or wrong. GMI is so new and everyone is so excited.

As my professional background is in economics and finance, science is really new for me so I like to sit with everyone and learn new things about what is going on here all the time. Things are always changing so it is up to everyone to keep up!

I’m always asking myself: what is a healthy strategy for growth? How can we keep this new, exciting buzz?

At the moment, we need to adjust as we go along.

What would you do if you weren’t in HR?

A special needs horse riding instructor for Festine Lente.

I spent my childhood there and it is a magical place. To see what the families and their kids with Autism, Down Syndrome, severe disabilities get out of horse riding lessons has been an amazing privilege to witness. The people who run that place are heroes.

David Cotter asks:  How do you do recruitment in each area without having that specialist knowledge?

I get resourceful. That is my job right? I initially meet with the manager who is hiring and has that expert knowledge. I ask: What are the top three requirements you need in the ideal candidate? Is it a previous industry? Is it a previous job title? Is it a previous technical skill (a particular framework or structure they have worked in)?

I figure out what is the most important quality. It could be that culturally they need to be a good fit. Am I looking for someone process driven, innovative, adaptable?

I also lean a lot on the GMI staff. I ask the team if they know anyone suitable for a role or what type of person would they ideally like to work with and why. I try to open out the discussion and make people feel like they are all part of the recruitment piece — and they are!

In short, I use the resources readily available, you guys, and then I try things out, adapt readjust, and try again.

Sam Carthy asks: Who would you bring to a deserted island and why?

Jack from the TV show Lost. Because he gets them off the island (at some stage) as far as I remember….. The other reason is pretty obvious ….

Which question has been getting the most interesting answers?

If you weren’t a scientist, what would you be and why…

I’m enjoying visualising the jobs people feel they would have done about in another life — the answers are interesting and help me learn about the person.

David Kavanagh asks:  If you won the lotto, would you keep your job here at GMI?

Yes, but I would also become a part-time professional swimmer and swim the ocean for a living (2 days a week).