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The Artful Dodger

By August 27, 2017 No Comments

An interview with Research Scientist, Sam Carthy, by Eimear Doyle.

Talking to an aspiring writer proves to be a bit tricky. He’s careful not to use metaphors lest I misuse them! Where did he get that idea???

What’s your background, Sam?

I started with GMI straight out of college after an interview with Judith Conroy in Research and Regina Regan in Labs.

I did my undergrad in genetics in UCD and I had done a number of summer research internships in labs, so I thought the idea of the clinical study in the disease areas was really interesting. And it was happening in Ireland, the first of its kind, it seemed like an amazing opportunity.

I was working in the UCD Conway Institute initially and then at Nova UCD. The project was much smaller when I started. Now it grows every month.

What do you do here at GMI?

I’m on the research team. I initially started off doing a literature review of MS and helping out in the Conway lab. The work just grew from there. Now I am working on the rare variant analysis — looking at samples from Temple Street Children’s Hospital in the neuro-science area.  I’m looking for the causative mutations and using the MendelMD platform developed by Raony Guimaraes who is also on our research team.

I’m also working on MS and Alzheimer’s Disease, our Irish Reference Genome project and the ground work for loads of new projects which will involve lots of work across the teams.

What do you find the most challenging part of the job?

There are so many different things going on! But this is also one of the best parts of the job. I have a very broad range of information to assimilate and take on board. It’s a challenge but definitely a benefit as well — very dynamic!

What do you enjoy most?

The learning. Every day I’m learning something new — something useful you can put into practice. It’s cool, very cool. I feel lucky to be here as it is a fantastic opportunity.

And I am getting great PhD ideas.

How would you describe the culture here?

Open. People are approachable; it feels like everyone is on the same level.

If you weren’t a scientist?

I’d be a writer. Probably unemployed and calling myself a writer.

Science or literature?  I’d choose the science path.

Deserted Island: who would you bring and why?

What type of deserted island ? A barren sand one?

One where you are forging a new life…

I’d choose someone with a boat, because I don’t want to live on a tiny island.

I might claim it first. For a holiday home…. – Is there trees or shade?

No, actually, I would choose David Attenborough – I want to be on planet earth…

What would you advise any junior scientist who wants to work at GMI?

Go now to the company website, LinkedIn – check us out. Apply!

Look up the news and media — great coverage…

Look at our company employees’ profiles…

He’s a cool dodger, bringing a boat! Claiming the desert island for his holiday home…not to be messed with.

Thanks Sam!!